Energy Saving Trust - EcodrivingSAVE MONEY with our Eco-friendly DriveSmart Training Course, which is approved by The Energy Saving Trust.

DriveSmart is a short (approx. 50-60mins) training course during which your personal driving style will be assessed and you will be given advice, tailored to your individual driving style, which should improve your fuel consumption by 10% - 15%.

The format of the course is as follows:-



  • Use the accelerator pedal gently.
  • Change up early (approx. 2000rpm for diesel engine and 2500rpm for a petrol engine).
  • Use greater anticipation - lift off the accelerator early allowing the car to slow down naturally, using the brakes as little as possible.
  • Switch it off! If you will be stationary for more than a minute, switch the engine off.


  • Lose weight, remove heavy objects and clear the boot of unnecessary items.
  • Be sleek and chic. Cars and vans are aerodynamically designed - Roof racks and boxes are not! Remove them if they are not being used.
  • Take plenty of fresh air. Use the air conditioning sparingly. Open the windows at lower speeds but at higher speeds it is better to use the air-con.


  • Have the car serviced regularly to maintain optimum engine efficiency.
  • Make sure that you use the correct engine oil.
  • Check your tyres regularly. Under inflated tyres are dangerous and increase resistance using more fuel.
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